Refresh Belfast

Refresh Christmas Special

15th December 2014

Refresh Christmas Special

The Black Box, Hill St., Doors 7pm.

Christmas is fast-approaching and to celebrate we’ve a bumper line up for our Refresh Belfast Christmas Special. Come along and enjoy great stories, complimentary drinks and Christmas gifts galore as we wrap up an exciting 2014.

Belfast is, as we’re constantly reminding people, more than making its mark on a world stage. We’re delighted to have three world class companies sharing the success stories with us, inspiring us all to do bigger and better things in 2015.

We’ve two great guest speakers:, Kyle Gawley, CEO, Get Invited, everyone’s favourite social ticketing platform and Chris McClelland, CEO, Brewbot, the world’s smartest personal brewery.

As usual we’ll have a free bar, generously supported by our friends at Campaign Monitor. We’re also delighted to have gifts galore, which we’ll distribute using the time-honoured system of a tombola. A huge thank you to: Five Simple Steps; Shopify; 8 Faces; A Book Apart, and others soon to be confirmed, for supporting us with gifts and Christmas cheer.

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Refresh is where the web design community of Belfast gets together.

Refresh Belfast

Every quarter, a group of smart, talented people gather to tell stories, share ideas, and drink a few beers at The Black Box.

Refresh brings together those working on the web in Belfast to learn from one another, promote better design, and build a more prosperous community. Established in Belfast by Andy McMillan, Refresh is now under the careful stewardship and direction of Tim Potter and Christopher Murphy.

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Refresh Belfast is generously sponsored by our friends at Campaign Monitor. It’s supported behind the scenes by the teams at Little Thunder Co. and Monographic.