Refresh Belfast

Refresh is where the web design community of Belfast gets together.

Every other month, a group of smart, talented people gather to tell stories, share ideas, and drink a few beers at The Black Box. Refresh brings together those working on the web in Belfast to learn from one another, promote better design, and build a more prosperous community.

Aug 19: Refresh with GitHub

Coby Chapple works remotely from Northern Ireland as a designer and front-end developer for GitHub, a San Francisco based company which is rapidly changing the way people build software.

The web inherently lends itself to openness, however it’s often unclear how design fits into the realm of open source. Coby will explore approaches to designing in the open, highlight the exciting collaborative opportunities it presents, and illustrate approachable ways to get involved in the world of open source.

The Black Box, Hill St. Doors 7pm.

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